Leon Sargent, a regular on the Vintage Macs list, came up with this hack, edited and HTMLised by the pickle, for getting Mac OS 8.6 to run on a IIci with the Daystar Turbo 601 accelerator. (Make sure you have a Turbo 601 before doing this; if you don't, you'll just end up with a really confused Mac IIci...)

To be perfectly honest, while I haven't tried it myself, I can't imagine why Mac OS 8.6 is really necessary on a 100MHz 601 that's on a 25MHz system bus (Mac OS 8.1 is probably the optimal OS compromise for that setup in terms of speed and features), but hey, it's one of those "try it because it's there" sort of things. You know, like how JAG put OS X on an SE/30 because he could...

  1. Install Mac OS 8.5 and the 8.5.1 Update.
  2. Duplicate your Mac OS 8.5.1 System suitcase and move the copy out of the System Folder.
  3. Upgrade to Mac OS 8.6.
  4. Open the duplicate System from Mac OS 8.5.1 with ResEdit.
  5. Open the 'boot' resources.
  6. Copy resources 2 and 3, highlighted below:
    Mac OS 8.5.1 boot resources

  7. Close the Mac OS 8.5.1 System suitcase.
  8. Open the Mac OS 8.6 System suitcase with ResEdit.
  9. Open the 'boot' resources, which will look like this:
    Mac OS 8.6 boot resources

  10. Paste the resources from Mac OS 8.5.1, replacing the resources with the same ID.
  11. Close the 'boot' resources.
  12. Open the 'gusd' resources, like this:
    Mac OS 8.6 gusd resources

  13. Using the Find Hex menu item, do the following search and replace:
    Mac OS 8.6 gusd Search and Replace

  14. Quit ResEdit, saving changes.
  15. Restart the computer.

DISCLAIMER: Neither Leon Sargent, the pickle, this ISP, nor any other organisation take responsibility for ANY damage you do to your computer, your software, yourself, other people, or small, furry animals (or anything else, for that matter) as a result of this hack. YOU, the user, are ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS.

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